The Waffle House Woman

Looking back into the backs of heads

        Walls, always on my mind.

Lookin back sitting still,

the Waffle House grill hissing

          Kissing, always on my mind.

Lockin back, deep shadows, purple-gray hanging over

from too many fools on bar stools, 

hanging on my jewels.

          Always on my mind.


Looking back, my tatoos,

the thicken ink sinking into my bones,

pulling my jeans against hips, thighs, mostly

my eyes into the shadows of hair. 

            Always on my mind. 


Lookin back, I give myself,

one more time to wake-up with a cup of coffee

instead of along side another horse-breath, 

            roasted hot peppers, peanuts, and red lips stick 

            prints everywhere....always on my mind. 


Looking back, out the glass door, face to face, 

I wonder why there are so many Waffle House tunes

              Always on My Mind. 

            but on my lips.