Tendering the Truth, my fingers move to the musical notes

The lighted years in their length-way of keyboard keys. 

             as  steams of faint lines illuminating temples in sound, 

             holy places of design: 

drums, horns, and strings sounding high and low along the way.

Walking in the steps of others before,

              even with those marching in the thunder of wars, 

              and the holy echoes from graves and judgement, 

My fingers tap out the beat, passing among the years, 

               as the Truth’s plants abound along the cliff and rocks

                                                                                   Oh, my Manarola! 

The rainfall covers the air together with the sea-mistings

sculpturing the coastal mountains, along the way, with the fragrances 

                                                                           lemon and olive trees

              release the perfumes from beached pigments, 

                             rose-madder, virgin-olive

                                    cobalt blue-violet, lime-mist green

                                                           sparking red dots of light 

                                                                   coloring the music, 

                                                                        upon my ear from the inside.