The Package Act

     A stripped black cat presses into the gray one

         Into the folds of the red velvet apron beneath the tree,

                                                                 they solved the matter.

Then, swapping the lowest branch,.

       the candle light-bulbs shimmer in haste,

       sparking a dangling rain deer to run through the snowy clouds,

                     over a package shadowed by a pink, flower, ribbon,  topside: 

                                                                                          playing I spy 

                     with the swinging wooden birdmen ,

                      when the cat-eyes tangle, interwinding their whiskers,

                                  with the aroma of cider-pine wiggling their noses.

The gray cat’s paw shakes the wire of lights and toy ornaments of wooden-wise-men

          shimmer producing a silver glow,

                                         aplomb of place,

         leaving the stripped cat, speechless about all the date-fuss.