Vade Mecum of the Pathway

This sweet orange fruit aloft

in an furled state of its leaves,

      a shinny dark green above, 

      below pale green and hairy,

      turning yellow in the Fall,

Speaking out,  Oh Sassafras, 

      who is a neighboring herbaceous voice

      resonating among the slender Long-leaf Pines:

She’s hiding within the Bottonland

in the shadows of blue berry vines

Her faint smile, aromatic as spicy tea 

       expelling the healing sorrow from

       her roots through the root-bark. 

       across her breast, the shinny green leaves, 

                                                oval and mitten shapes

        waving in the wind with wild-flower-whisper 

        luring bees, a humming bird, 

              along with a dancing Tiger Swallow.

      The Water-Oak leaves, 

         a rusty brown, camel tan, coarse yellow, 

        host a jerky-waggle of a lizard, 

                moving from nostrils to tail-tip,

                utter green and tailor stripped with neon blue

                rips across the surface of crusty leaves,  “Go with me.”